Crypto Exchange: CoinList Pro Wants to be the One Place to Buy Hold & Trade Crypto

CoinList, a top primary digital asset issuance platform, has announced the launch of CoinList Pro – a full-stack crypto exchange designed to challenge established incumbents. While CoinList commenced basic digital asset trading earlier this year, CoinList Pro is described as a fully-featured crypto spot exchange, built on a tested, compliant infrastructure and backed by some of the biggest names in the digital asset sector. While some of the functionality is legacy tech, developed in house, the actual exchange features are powered by technology provided by EMX.

In a blog post, CoinList said that CoinList Pro’s markets will be supported by two large crypto market-makers to offer immediate liquidity for users. First is GSR, a leading algo trader and market maker in digital assets, with a team coming from Goldman Sachs, Two Sigma, and Citadel. GSR is also an investor in CoinList.

The other partner is unnamed but is said to be the largest US-based crypto market-maker with a long track record of supporting new markets.

Rich Rosenblum, co-head of trading at GSR commented on the partnership:

“There are some interesting shifts happening in tokenization As the space matures, there are high-quality projects with experienced teams and intriguing technologies that investors are excited about. CoinList has been highly selective in the teams and projects that they have worked with, and has built a premier brand in the industry. Launching an exchange was a next logical step in CoinList’s evolution, and GSR is happy to partner with CoinList as part of our long-term mission to reduce the friction between capital and innovation. Given the recent performance of altcoins, marketplaces focusing on the next generation of projects, such as Filecoin, show great promise for meeting the demands of both retail and institutional traders. GSR has focused on reducing friction between capital and innovation in the space since 2013, and is looking forward to achieving this mission in partnership with CoinList”

CoinList says that CoinList Pro is built on “robust exchange systems with more than one-and-a-half years of live trading.” Custody and staking systems are backed by Anchorage, Bison Trails, and Bitgo.

Coinlist wants to be a one-stop location where you can participate in a primary issuance of a digital asset while being able to trade, stake, lend, and hold your tokens in one place. No more fragmentation. CoinList Pro will also benefit from unique offerings. For example, Filecoin and Celo are both in the queue.

Filecoin will soon trade on CoinList Pro.  Created by Protocol Labs, Filecoin raised a whopping $205 million using the CoinList platform in 2017. CoinList Pro will be the only exchange that can trade Filecoin on day 1 of their mainnet launch. Additionally, CoinList Pro will provide Filecoin custody for free.

CoinList ran Celo’s digital asset sale in May where the company raised $10 million in an offering that quickly sold out.
Celo purchasers received their CELO (token) distributions directly into their CoinList wallets, where they started earning staking rewards.
CELO is now listed on CoinList Pro, where people may buy or sell CELO or stake it.

Other digital asset offerings are in the queue too, including Solana, Nervos, Algorand, Blockstack, and others. CoinList Pro “aims to be the best place to hold, stake, lend, and trade all of them.”

Crowdfund Insider hopped on the phone to speak with CoinList co-founder and President Andy Bromberg. He shared that CoinList Pro is meant for sophisticated traders, offering all the tools you would expect in a top trading platform including multiple order types, an actual order book, charting – all the features you would want on a professional level crypto trading platform. Bromberg promised great liquidity supported by great partners.

“It’s really about completing the customer lifecycle,” said Bromberg. “Going through the whole journey. We continue to run token sales for promising crypto assets.”

Bromberg said they are addressing the pain points of the past. As a primary issuance platform, users already have a wallet and will no longer need to move to a different marketplace to trade their digital assets. You participate in a token sale on Coinlist and then you can trade them.

By providing unique access to new tokens, Bromberg believes they can compete with established crypto exchanges.

CoinList has always been a crypto firm that has been focused on regulations and being compliant – an important characteristic. CoinList is a registered money service business and, while there are a couple of US states where they cannot offer trading, they anticipate covering all 50 states soon.

Bromberg’s goal is to make Coinlist the one crypto platform to rule them all.

“I think the most exciting piece about crypto is the potential growth. It is a big market now … it’s exciting but it will be 10 times or 100 times bigger than today. We are betting on that growth.”

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