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The crypto industry in India is experiencing massive growth, according to a new survey of crypto banks and exchanges. Despite the country’s deepening coronavirus crisis, crypto exchanges say trading volumes and the number of signups continue to grow substantially.

Now, I have no idea how old you are, nor do I want to make any assumptions. I will assume, though, that since you are reading this, you have an interest in markets and/or crypto assets. And since this is a newsletter aimed at professional investors, I will assume that you care about a bit…

Bloomberg senior commodities strategist Mike McGlone recently released a midyear crypto outlook, which states that Bitcoin volatility should continue to decrease as the asset behaves more like gold. The report also says that primary demand and adoption indicators remain positive.

In this audio interview, CoinDesk’s Leigh Cuen and Blockade Games co-founder Marguerite deCourcelle talk about bitcoin’s impact on artistic careers. From collecting unique, interactive pieces to designing video games, Cuen and deCourcelle explore how crypto could redefine modern art.

This first appeared in a blog by Brett Ladendorf Has Crypto Survived the First Minsky Moment? A Minsky Moment is defined as a market collapse brought on by reckless or excessive speculative activity. Investor sentiment is considered one-sided for a longer period leading to myopic markets where bullish sentiment becomes unsustainable. Volatility usually ensues. Cross…

Willie Breedt, CEO of VaultAge Solutions, who is alleged to have scammed bitcoin investors out of millions. Willie Breedt, the alleged bitcoin and cryptocurrency scammer, has been declared bankrupt.

Last week, Bitcoin rebounded from its highest level in nearly four weeks at $7.455 then retreated after. On Friday, the price closed the weekly candlestick with a bearish Doji pattern, highlighting a possible upcoming reversal.

India is headed towards one of its worst economic crises in 30 years, with all projections pointing towards negative GDP growth in 2020. However, over the last two months, local bitcoin trading, especially on peer-to-peer crypto exchanges, has reached record-breaking volumes.

In a noticeably quiet week for news, here are the news stories that dominated the forex, fintech, and crypto worlds in our best of the week segment. Topping the headlines in a flat week in crypto news was talk of Binance partnering with Swipe for an upcoming crypto debit card.

PayPal PYPL doesn’t want to be left out of any cryptocurrency bounce and is also reportedly gearing up to enable its hundreds many hundreds of numerous shoppers to buy and advertise digital tokens – buy bitcoin with Paypal.