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12trader review | forex & cryptocurrency broker

12trader review12trader review online bitcoin broker

12traders is a forex broker that allows you to trade on forex, stocks, gold oil and other commodities as well as certain Crypto currencies.

12trader trading online

We are of course, most interested in interested in the Crypto currencies.and 12trader Bitcoin broker is a perfect place if you look to trade Bitcoin

You are able to trade the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and ripple.

12trader cryptocurrency trading

12trader trading platforms

Trading platform that they offer is baed on the sirix platform is called want to trader terminal. You are able to download this terminal for free on their website follow the link here.

This is a mature and very intuitive trading platform. And he’s the best alternative to metatrader  4 trading platform from metaquotes.

Download it easy, and fast in the setup does not require any technical experience. You basically just download the application and install it on your computer. Now then the moment you have an account you enter the details and you really are good to go.

They also offer a mobile application for those who like to trade while moving around.

This is very simple but yet were very well designed mobile application for trading, it off with you all the details tools and requirements in order for you to do the basic trading actions.

From me personally trading on the Mobile is not that appealing as I like to trade with multiple screens and big screens. But for those that do not have a problem with a small sreen and want to trade now this is a perfect solution.

12trader signals

Training on your mobile make sense if your client of one to Trader. This is because they offered trading signals, they called in trading. The recommendations and these are suggestions that will tell you went to buy want to buy went to go in went to go out. Now there a lot of brokers that offer trading signals, then not a lot of brokers that offer good trading signals.

The signals of want to trade or of the highest quality. There also not a huge amount of signals, which is most of his time in indication of a robot that is eating your account by charging you spread.

I can highly recommend using their signals. I would recommend using another service or another provider of signals for verification. But in general, the signals work very well for me.

12trader education tools

When you enter the Forks education part of their website. You start to understand what kind of claims they are aiming for. The amount of materials in the quality of the materials. Is amazing. You’ll be able to take part in a full course that talks about Forex trading, market analysis, trading psychology, strategies and much, much more.

You have full access to these tools also when you open only a demo account.

the demo account is open for 30 days and gives you $10000 in virtual funds. This is more than adequate for you to decide if this is the right broker for you and to see if your trading strategies work furthermore, you able to test the signals and apply everything that you learnt in their course.

12trader accounts

12trader offers different account types. You will see the fuel you will see the full overview below in the image. The differences are besides the deposit amount also in the leverage. For Silver Cross account, which requires you to deposit in front your account with $10000 you able to choose between leverage 1:200, 300, 400 wear a micro account, which you are able to open for as little as $500, you only have. 1: 200.

Then there is also a special account called exclusive accounts, which is an invitation only, but this requires you to deposit at least $100,000. Since I’m currently not in the position to open an account for this amount. I’m not able to provide you more details.

besides regular accounts, they also offered this in Islamic accounts. These accounts are swap free according to the Shariah law.

12trader accounts


Positives of 12trader

  • No download for your trading platform.
  • One of the better mobile trading platforms.
  • High quality free trading signals.
  • One of the best for education packages.
  • Trading in Bitcoin. And other crypto currencies.


Negatives of 12trader

  • Not enough information concerning trading conditions on the website.
  • no European regulation


12trader home page

Conclusion of 12trader

A broker that officer good training solution. It feels somewhat sometimes in mature. But they do deliver. Their signals in Fort Educational package are of the highest quality in the industry. Especially for those that don’t like to trade on the Meta Trader 4. This is a broker that you should take into consideration.