Legacyfx review | Regulated Forex Broker Review

LegacyFX review

LegacyFX forex broker

There are brokers that we want to make sure we introduce properly thou they at this current time are not offering crypto for trading.

I expect this to change in the near future and as such this regulated forex broker that offers multiple trading platform has to be among the top brokers.


LegacyFX is a regulated forex broker that offers its trading services under the license of Cysec.  They acquired this regulation not long ago and i find that many reviews today still did not bother to update this, we try to remain accurate and as such checked with Legacy FX if this is correct.

They clearly stated they are fully regulated and thus also require doing full due diligence on their traders to make sure that there is no money laundering going on.

. Now somewhat more about this broker called legacyfx

legacyfx features

In this LegacyFX review will touch the most Important aspects of a Forex broker.

When you plan to trade forex, But in the end is important is are trading conditions in how much it cost you to actually tree. Are you being put in a position to be successful.

And before we go into more details. I will tell you that  for traders is that look to become better traders and look to increase their knowledge and skills, LegacyFX is one of the better options out there.

You will find this is not one of the cheaper brokers. They are a little bit heavy on the spread and opening an account is more than your average $100 but goes towards the $500.

They then have alternatively also accounts for the higher investors and people that put large sums in their account.as well as those that look for Islamic accounts

Legacy FX go on the assumption that someone who is putting $100 is not really a trader, and i tend to agree with this assumption.

If someone wants to check their system, they can simply open a full service demo account and check their trading platforms this way.

Legacyfx trading platforms

legacyFX Trading Platforms

The broker offers a few trading platforms, you have of course the metatrader 4 trading platform. This platform has defined the market for the last 10 years and will keep on doing so i expect.

But they also offer, and this is the more interesting one , offer the sirix trading platform.\

This is a platform that was developed by leverate in 2012 is trading platform has also social trading module this allows traders to follow and copy traders trades of trailers that have been training for a longer period.

Sirix trading platform has become mature trading platform for traders of all levels. You don’t have an extensive charting package and he’s very well designed.

Retreating interface is very intuitive making the learning curve very small. You have the feeling that when you actually open to trading platform. A look at it, you straightaway understand what is required from you in order to open a  trade .in short this desktop. Mobile and web application trading platform is a great alternative to the metatrader 4


Positives about Legacyfx.

  • Multilingual broker.
  • Multiple trading platforms to cater to traders of all levels.
  • All the major, minor an exotic trading pairs that most people are trading
  • The option for social trading.
  • Fully regulated.

Negatives about Legacyfx.

  • They are somewhat on the pricey side.
  • Relatively new to the market.

Conclusion about Legacyfx.

All in all legacyFX Forex broker is proven solid trustworthy. Forks program that allows traders to trade, according to their level. They offer everything you need at a traitor to be successful. Their educational package is second to none in the customer service is off the highest level.


legacyfx visit website

legacyfx visit website




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