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Equaledge Review 2024: What Traders & Experts Say

Our Equaledge review shows you exactly how good the online broker really is. As one of the most experienced providers on the market, you trade CFDs (contracts for difference) on stocks, cryptos, indices, commodities or forex, etc. at Equaledge. We’ve checked what security standards the broker uses and how your deposits are secured. We also took a closer look at Equaledge’s Operation.

The most important facts concerning Security:

Data transfer secured with SSL encryption

When data is sent between a server and a client (such as the computer of a Equaledge customer), modern companies use SSL encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Equaledge also uses this technology for data transmission.

For this purpose, an SSL certificate was issued on Equaledge after checking the relevant information. Particularly commendable is the fact that SSL encryption is used for both the website and the trading app at Equaledge. We checked the certificate in the Equaledge review, it was issued by Cloudflare Inc. and confirms the algorithmic encryption.

Is Equaledge regulated?

Equaledge is not regulated and controlled by any Exchange Commission as a CFD or stockbroker.

The broker has implemented a number of state-of-the-art security measures for this purpose and supports them with effective risk management. In addition, as a licensed and controlled company, Equaledge is under constant scrutiny by the Cypriot financial regulator CySEC.

Protection against hackers and cybercriminals

Equaledge’s app and website are protected from DDoS and other spam attacks. In a DDoS attack, hackers work specifically to make the service of a website unreachable. In this case, you would no longer have access to your user account. The malware is often infiltrated unnoticed, and only high-quality mechanisms, such as those used by Equaledge, prevent this, as do spam attacks, in which attackers want to gain access to data to steal or copy it. Equaledge’s standards are successful because so far nothing has come to light about any of these attacks.

Client funds are held in segregated escrow accounts

When it comes to protecting funds, Equaledge follows the proven practice of segregation of deposits, where client funds are held in trust with different banks. For example, all client funds are managed separately from business assets.

What are the Equaledge reviews from other traders?

Of course, we also looked at the Equaledge experiences in the broker review, because they are a good reflection of real customer experiences with the platform. The Equaledge experience is average to good.

The large number of users is further proof of the majority of Equaledge’s positive experiences.

Equaledge Registration: How to Open an Account

In order to trade CFDs with Equaledge, you need to open a so-called live trading account. It differs from the demo account in that you have to make a deposit yourself and your capital is of course subject to risks. However, since Equaledge prepares and informs you excellently about the trading options, especially as a beginner, you can enter the CFD broker with great experience on the market with peace of mind.

How does the Equaledge trading platform work?

equaledge Trading platforms
equaledge Trading platforms

You can use the Equaledge trading platform via the normal browser on the desktop, as well as via the app on your smartphone or tablet. Of course, to start CFD trading, you will first need a client account with Equaledge, for which you will need to fully register and identify yourself. While the process of identification may seem annoying, it’s just another sign of the security that Equaledge offers you. The company is required by law to do so, and complying with such rules will show you that Equaledge is reputable.

The multiplier, also known as leverage, allows you to open the trading position with far less money than without leverage. To limit your potential risk of loss, experts recommend as a rule of thumb that you should not risk more than 10% of your traded amount.

Through the Equaledge trading platform, you can close your active trades at any time by clicking on “Sell”. You will then be settled and, in the best case, you will receive the profit from your price speculation, but keep in mind the high risks of leveraged CFD trading. In the event of a win, you can then either use the sum that is immediately credited to your account for new underlying assets in your customer account or have the sum paid out.

How to trade crypto CFDs with Equaledge

More than 10 cryptocurrency CFD pairs are available at Equaledge. Trading also works through the Equaledge app. You speculate on the price movement of selected crypto CFDs such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. The term used in financial jargon for this option is derivatives. Derivatives mean that you own the underlying asset, in this case, the cryptocurrency CFD, not in its physical form. Rather, crypto CFDs are about speculating on further price development.

CFDs are contracts that are entered into between you and the broker, in this case, Equaledge. The leverage is set by default, and you should analyze the current prices to make your decision. In the case of short, you assume that prices will fall, in the case of long, you are convinced that the price will continue to rise.

Advantages of crypto CFDs with Equaledge

  • Risk management tools minimize risk
  • Quick Registration
  • Live Price Charts for Crypto CFDs
  • Deposits with Bitcoin, credit card and bank transfer etc.

How does leverage work on Equaledge?

Leverage at Equaledge is called a trade multiplier and multiplies your deposit per trade by one factor. This factor is limited by law to a maximum of up to 1:400 for retail investors. You can use leverage to significantly increase the potential profits from the completed transactions and only need to deposit a fraction of the sum. But always keep in mind that this type of order also carries the risk of high losses and should only be used by you if you are aware of it.

With a leverage of 1:100, this means that you invest €1 but set up an order of €100. This means that you can trade amounts that are larger than your balance in the account. Keep in mind that leverage is set by default for each asset class.

CFD for retail traders at Equaledge

When you trade CFDs, you need to be aware that they are a highly speculative financial instrument. This is not a direct investment of an asset, but you speculate on the further price development of a certain underlying asset. Even though CFDs are now comprehensively presented on the broker’s website, you should inform yourself beforehand and practice.

First, only bet on underlying assets that you are familiar with, i.e. CFDs on the usual currencies such as EUR, USD, YEN, CHF. In this way, you move within familiar terms and habits.

Stock indices, such as the Dax, are also perfect for starting CFD trading with Equaledge. Our Equaledge review has certainly convinced you so far, and you can assess for yourself which underlying values suit you the most. In addition, the cost of classic CFDs is cheaper than that of so-called exotics. However, keep an eye on costs in general and always monitor the market, preferably daily or even hourly.

First of all, we would like to reiterate how exemplary Equaledge has been in many areas of our broker review. The Equaledge experience also shows that this
You have access to a large knowledge base from Equaledge, where you will find countless questions and answers sorted by topic, as well as detailed explanations of trading topics, strategies, features on the trading platform and different types of trading. And the FAQ section is also extensive. However, the range of webinars is manageable and no longer up to date.

Customer service: How reliable is the support?

You can reach customer service either via a phone number or the contact form. You can also reach Equaledge’s customer service via [email protected]. However, waiting times can be longer here, so we recommend using the Whatsapp chat. In addition to customer service, you will receive technical support from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CET).

Conclusion on the Equaledge Review:

The Equaledge review and the convincing Equaledge experiences lead to a good result for Equaledge. The online broker, which specialises in CFD trading, offers a wide range of different trading options and a good selection of underlying assets.

Equaledge is particularly interesting for beginners in trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies and stocks, because the explanations are simple, the operation is intuitive and the costs are transparent. We particularly liked the fact that all documents are available in one download area, in German.

It’s also worth mentioning Equaledge’s extensive customer service, as in addition to the contact form, a phone number, and an email, you’ll also have a WhatsApp chat at your disposal. In the future, it would be desirable to have a more extensive FAQ section and videos as well as online training courses to train traders’ knowledge even more deeply.

For those interested in complex CFDs, Equaledge is the first choice. Especially for trading crypto CFDs and stock CFDs as well as CFDs on stock indices, Equaledge is one of the leading brokers for us.


Equaledge Review| Forex broker review
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