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UBCFX Review | Bitcoin Online Trading Broker

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UBCFX Review :

UBCFX Bitcoin Broker is by origin a fresh new forex broker that allows you to trade on Currencies, stocks ( European, Indian, US and rest of the World), gold, oil, and other commodities as well as certain Cryptocurrencies.

UBCFX Bitcoin Trading Conditions

SymbolUnitsSpreadMargin RequirementsLeverage
BTCEURBTCFixed: 5.520%1:05
BTCUSDBTCFixed: 620%1:05
DOGEBTC1Variable: 020%1:01
ETHBTC.ETHFixed: 10020%1:05
NEO STC1Variable: 0100%1:01
PINKBTC1/td>Fixed: 5.5100%1:01
SCBTCVariable: 0100%1:01
XRPBTCBTCFixed: 20020%1:05


As you can see there are a lot of BTC Bitcoin currency pairs for trading.

the trading conditions are market average.

  • not more expensive or cheaper than you will find it elsewhere.
  • the Leverage is low as it should be
  • no swap fee, meaning the default is Islamic compliant
  • there are fixed and variable Spreads depending on the cryptocurrency you look to trade.

Clearly, Bitcoin trading is on the forefront of UBCFX as the possibilities of trading are large by normal standards.

UBCFX trading platforms

MetaTrader 5

the industry is slowly but steadily shifting towards MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

MT5 is arguably the future of retail trading.

what does their MT5 offer

  • Hedging allowed
  • No FIFO rule
  • Fundamental calendar integrated
  • Commerce Integration
  • Improved charting and time frames
  • Exclusive first-class indicators
  • Multiple market order ability
  • MT5 Supreme Edition plugin integration


UBCFX Free Forex Signals

for all account holders, UBCFX provides free forex trading signals that will let the trader know when there is a great trade opportunity for them to take advantage of.

these signals or recommendations will be sent to you through different means and you have to choose to act upon them or not.

the Trading Signals are provided by market expert analysts that will only send you a signal when they believe the market is moving in a specific direction.

Receive your trading signals Now 

UBCFX Trading Account

they offer several different trading accounts.

the account depends on the size of your investment. you are able to upgrade on the second deposit if you start with a lower account.

as you can see below the standard Silver account already gives you as a trader enough tools to trade properly








LeverageLeverage1:200Leverage1:200-1:400Leverage 1:200-1:400
Min. trade volume0.10.10.1
Hedging allowedYesYesYes
Daily signalsYesYesYes
Live support24/624/624/6
Fixed spreadFixedFixedFixed or variable
Daily Market ReviewYesYesYes
Personal Account ManagerYesYes Monitored
Financial PlanYesYes
Risk Management PlanYesYes
Video tutorialsYesYes
UBCFX Credit CardYesYes
Risk Management PlanYesYes
Invite to VIP EventsYesYes
Account Performance AnalysisYes
Rushed WithdrawalYes
Special VenturesYes

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