Two Experts, Same Forecast

The elite pedigree behind our newest analyst … what he and Matt McCall see coming in the crypto world

Here’s how the text exchange went:

“Go on the send bitcoin page now.”

“Can we do a test? I want to try doing a send back and forth if we can. But I hope you’re not offended that I’m not super trusting of people on the internet yet. My son usually helps me with this stuff but he’s not around.”

“Well I feel slightly offended but it’s alright although I’ll be glad if you would just follow my instructions which I’m sure will cause you no problems.”

The above exchange took place between a bitcoin expert and a scammer about a year ago.

Ben Perrin runs a YouTube channel that educates investors about bitcoin.

He was amused when he received an unsolicited Instagram message offering to double his investment if he’d just send thousands of dollars’ worth of bitcoin to this investment “expert.”

Playing along, Perrin pretended to be a bitcoin newcomer.

He created a fake bitcoin wallet, then responded to the scammer, claiming he would gladly send $20,000 if the scammer would first send $100, just to make sure everything was legit.

The scammer met Perrin halfway, sending him $50.

Here’s the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) with the rest of the story:

Perrin then dropped the bluff, called the fraudster out, and let them know he donated their money to charity.

He sent the money to Bitcoin Venezuela, which helps people there buy food using the cryptocurrency, as the Venezuelan bolivar has collapsed.

Though the above scam is easy to see, discerning between true bitcoin experts and self-proclaimed bitcoin experts, who have no real expertise, is a bit trickier.

After all, anyone who held their breath and bought some bitcoin, say, around the beginning of last year, when it was trading at about $4,000, could easily claim “I’m up over 150%. I’m clearly an expert.”

I bring this up as Matt McCall just launched a new altcoin service called Crypto Investor Network with a real expert named Charlie Shrem.

But what exactly makes Charlie an authority?

And let’s just name the real, underlying question: “why should you, the reader, trust one dime of your money on his recommendations?”

Let’s find out.

***One of the first bitcoin tycoons

Let’s begin with Charlie’s background and select bona fides as described by Crypto Investor Network:

Charlie became one of bitcoin’s earliest backers and today is considered one of the most influential people in cryptocurrencies …

Charlie and friend Gareth Nelson launched BitInstant, one of the first and ultimately largest bitcoin exchanges, at the dawn of the crypto era in 2011 …

He was also one of the founding members of the Bitcoin Foundation in 2012, which aimed at bringing mainstream awareness to the digital currency world …

(He) has advised and invested in more than two dozen digital currency companies, launched and managed numerous partnerships between crypto and non-crypto companies, and is the go-to guy for some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs.

He’s been mentioned in Fortune … Forbes … CNN … 60 Minutes … TED Talks … Bloomberg … and The Wall Street Journal … to name a few.

His story has been featured in numerous Netflix documentaries and best-selling books, including the seminal blockbuster Bitcoin Billionaires.

He’s been called one of bitcoin’s first tycoons … bitcoin royalty … and a crypto visionary.

I think it’s fair to say that’s a remarkable pedigree.

But what’s not in Charlie’s website-bio is just as interesting.

As Wikipedia reports, Charlie was buying bitcoin in 2011 as a college senior. When the bitcoin service he was using crashed, he lost his entire stake.

This was, in part, what led him to create BitInstant, referenced above.

It turns out the company operated until July 2013, at which point it was processing about 30% of all bitcoin transactions.

Since then, Charlie has followed a fascinating career path that’s included business development consulting … owning a Manhattan bar which become the first bar in New York to accept bitcoin … founding a crypto startup venture … serving as Chief Operating Officer for the crypto wallet Jaxx … and helping create the altcoin “Dash,” among other twists and turns.

And to answer the question that’s likely on your mind, yes, his early involvement in bitcoin has resulted in a fortune.

The blockchain media site pegged Charlie’s 2019 net worth at $45 million.

I think the term “expert” is fair to use in this situation.

***The wealth-generating potential behind altcoins today

Our own Matt McCall is no altcoin novice himself.

He’s led subscribers to a slew of altcoins that are up triple-digits so far in 2020.

And today, both Matt and Charlie are incredibly bullish on altcoins.

From Matt:

My new business partner and I believe that not one in a thousand people know this is coming.

And yet, it will change virtually everything about your daily life.

It will affect everyone in America, no matter who you are and where you live.

How you buy everyday goods and services … how you pay your taxes … how you buy a home … and even the way you vote.

All this disruption and change is creating a once-in-a-lifetime financial opportunity for you and anyone else who acts today.

Matt goes on to explain that he believes we are at the beginning of the next surge that will take the strongest cryptos many times higher …

In short, Matt and Charlie agree that our broader culture is waking up to the fact that cryptocurrencies are one of the most valuable, revolutionary technologies ever created.

And as this awareness spreads, there will be an enormous rush into this asset class — or as Matt calls it, an “awakening.”

This was what Matt and Charlie discussed this past Monday. It was a special, live event in which the two experts discussed the future of the altcoin universe.

Matt and Charlie explained how most investors don’t fully understand the altcoin world. But that’s not going to stop the changes from coming.

Back to Matt:

We know that for all the hype surrounding the blockchain technology cryptos are built on, very few people understand WHY it’s so revolutionary.

That’s okay.

It’s actually common with big breakthrough technologies that change our world. They exist for years in the periphery before the world realizes their true importance.

Then BOOM! They take off!

Matt believes we’re at that “boom” inflection point today …

This awakening could singlehandedly drive the price of bitcoin and several other select cryptocurrencies to never-before-seen heights.

If you position yourself correctly, it could hand you a fortune that you could only previously dream of.

If you’ve ever been the least bit curious about altcoins and the crypto universe, I encourage you to watch a playback of Monday’s event by clicking here.

At a minimum, you’ll learn how two legitimate experts are viewing this dynamic asset class today.

They even give away the name of their top altcoin recommendation for free. Watch and decide for yourself. There’s zero obligation.

Here’s Matt with the final word:

… you simply can’t have this amount of innovation and change without shaking things up. The bigger the change, the bigger the gains.

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg

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