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These are interesting financial times in the Nigerian economy. Double-digit inflation, fluctuating forex and high liquidity. Smart individuals are exploring legitimate avenues to grow their money, increase their wealth or simply expand their income base. Some just want where to keep their money without it losing value.

So many investment schemes offering mouth-watering returns with no established business models or structure. “Invest xyz and get 30% in 6 months”, or “ Earn 15% every month”.

A 30% return on investment every 6 months translates to 60% per annum. If a business or transaction pays out that much, it means it makes as much as 120%. At 15% per month ROI, that translates to 180% ROI per annum.

As someone who has funded several businesses across industries and sectors, and profitably run businesses in the finance (The best Peer-to-Peer platform in Nigeria), hospitality/real estate and Agricultural sectors, I know for certain that such ROIs are not sustainable. There are no viable business models that support such type of ROI. They usually end in disappointments and losses. Greed is not a savvy investment virtue, it is a vice that must not get in the way sound reasoning when making investment decision.

The Nigerian economy is ripe with investment opportunities across a good number of industries that KiaKia has facilitated funding for and originated private lender loans in excess of N6bn that continues to generate stable, safe, secure and decent returns of between 20% and 30% per annum to investors over the last 5 years.


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“Your funds are insured” is one of the most common assurances and guarantees many investment schemes offer in soliciting investment. Truth is, no insurance company provides insurance for the fund you are investing in any investment scheme. Assets of the businesses can be insured, but investment funds are not. This is why it is imperative to properly understand the business model you want to put money in and focus not just on the mouth-watering returns but establish that they are powered by viable business models and structures to guarantee the generation and sustenance of the promised ROI.

If what you seek in investment is 100% security and safety guarantee, then treasury bill, Sukuk and government bonds are your best bet. You get 5% to 11% per annum. Your money is secured and your returns are guaranteed, but inflation will likely depreciate the value.

If you what you are looking for is a healthy combination of safety and decent returns (20% to 30% per annum) and you have between 5m and 500m for the next 12 to 36 months, let’s talk (Email: [email protected] (not .com) or call: 08081669900). We can do business profitably with decent and sustainable returns on your funds.

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Abiola Olajide is the CEO of KiaKia, one of Nigeria’s leading fintechs. He is also the CEO of Smart Residences Ltd (Operating as Gidanka, HomeAway and the Rezidence), CEO of House of Commodity and a Director in NFGCS Farms Ltd.

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