HashCash to Provide European Exchange With Crypto Trade Reporting

HashCash Consultants is working with a leading European digital assets trading platform, helping them build an intuitive and user-friendly crypto trade reporting platform for the ease of the traders.

USA’s HashCash Consultants has partnered with a leading crypto exchange and digital assets trading platform, to aid them in building supporting infrastructure to streamline the trading activities. They will help the latter by integrating an advanced and intuitive cryptocurrency trade reporting platform so that the users can enjoy a seamless experience while trading.

Speaking to the media about their crypto exchange infrastructure, HashCash CEO, Raj Chowdhury, mentioned, “The success and growth of any crypto exchange depend on the overall trading experience that it is providing to the users. The users are not satisfied with just the usual attributes of seamless trading and offering of good prices. Traders seek complete architecture that will help them in conducting trading activities and analyze the same. Keeping that in mind, HashCash has designed an assortment of crypto exchange tools and applications that can be easily integrated with the existing trading platform and enhance the trader experience by doing so.”

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With the rapid increase in the number of exchanges, traders are seeking platforms with innovative offerings that will help in managing their coin portfolio, along with tracking and analyzing their trading activities. The inclusion of such tools on the trading platform automates and simplifies the decision-making on the traders’ part. HashCash suffices to those needs of the traders with its scalable offerings of crypto exchange infrastructure, which in this case is a crypto trade reporting platform, which they will aid the European exchange with.

  • HashCash’s Cryptocurrency Trade Reporting Platform:

Leveraging HashCash’s crypto trade reporting platform, the exchange will be able to provide the traders with high-end features, enabling them to make better trading decisions. It will include attributes such as:

1. A highly intuitive and interactive dashboard for the traders for trade monitoring
2. Ability to generate detailed reports on orders, trade executions, positions, P&L along with exposure limit
3. Aggregation of multiple sources of data for augmented generation of report

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Along with these, the platform will comprise web-based advanced tools for designing the report and generate reports that are user-defines. There will be default report templates as well for the ease of the users. Regular well-analyzed reports on crypto trading activities will help the traders to be aware of their shortcomings and compare the same with the market trend to make calculated buy/sell/exchange decisions.

The trade reporting infrastructure will allow the traders to use that exchange to create and modify reports in multiple formats, including data on present trade activity. The interactive dashboard will allow easy accessibility of trade reports to the users at all times. It’s an all-inclusive platform that will gather real-time data and offer insight on funds activity across the exchange.

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