Announces their platform for Cheapest way to buy bitcoins in Nigeria. a cryptocurrency platform where you can buy cheap bitcoins and as a newbie, they offer free training that helps you understand bitcoin trading.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies use secured protocols that encrypt vital data transfers, these data transfers are made to work as a way of monetary exchange.


What is Bitcoin?

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies we have today is Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a digital currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person with the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Payments are made with no middle men, no banks or regulations. The price of bitcoin is purely defined by a simple economic principle of “The law of supply and demand”, the more people demand bitcoins the higher the price, the lesser the demand the lesser the price.

In 2010 one bitcoin was worth 0.003$, later in October–November 2016 1 bitcoin became $600 per unit and as at 2017 1 bitcoin was valued at $20,000. Today 1 Bitcoin is valued between $11,300 to $11800. You can imagine the amount of money you could have made if you had a few bitcoins from when it was worth less than a dollar. Bitcoins can be used to purchase almost anything anonymously between different countries, cheap transfer fees, effective and fast.

Due to the fluctuations in bitcoin, today it might fall and tomorrow double or triple in value. A lot of people have been able to grasp this opportunity and make lots of money from these fluctuations, we have scenarios where someone bought $2000 worth of bitcoins when one unit was valued at “$10,000 “, when bitcoin rose to $12,000 per unit he made a profit of $400 plus the initial capital of $2000.

Bitcoins are stored in what is called a “Digital wallet” which exists in the cloud or a personal computer somewhere around the world. A wallet can be considered a virtual bank, the same way you login into your mobile banking application and get access to your account balance, transfer money within your bank or country. As for bitcoin wallets, you have access to your balance and you can transfer bitcoins to anyone, anywhere in the world, it is not restricted by borders, regulations or policies.

With all this said, I am sure at one point in time you must have heard of bitcoins in one of your conversations with family and friends, at the office or any form of social gathering you must have participated in.  Now you must be wondering how you can participate in this lucrative venture; how can I get my hands on some bitcoins?

How do I buy bitcoins in Nigeria?

We have a couple of companies that offer the sale of bitcoins in Nigeria, but we need to put in mind that there are also a lot of so-called bitcoin resellers out there that might put you in danger of losing your money or you charge you excessively for its purchase. To guarantee security and ease of business one company stands out “ WWW.CRYPTOPAY.NG “.

What is is a Nigerian based company founded in 2018. We provide access to free bitcoin wallets that allow you buy, sell, receive and send out bitcoins. Cryptopay is owned by 3 individuals Eigbe Nicholas, Oluwatosin Iyiola and Enitan Garbrah. All individuals possess extensive knowledge on Information technology, financial backgrounds and are cryptocurrency experts.

What is the aim of

The aim of the business is to educate the public on how easy it is to participate in the bitcoins business and enable the public buy bitcoins at a very affordable rate, our platform is currently the cheapest place you can buy bitcoins. We offer FREE training to anyone who signs up, these training sessions are short and simplified for anyone to understand.


Services rendered on our platform?

Some of our services include,

  • Buying bitcoins:

Bitcoins can be purchased using any bank card from any Nigerian bank.

  • Bitcoin wallet:

A free digital wallet to hold your bitcoins.

  • Send and receive bitcoins:

You can send or receive money from anyone around the world via bitcoins, the system automatically converts your bitcoin into Naira and Dollars which is instantly accessible when you decide to transfer it to your bank account. We have the capability to credit any bank within Nigeria.

The great thing about receiving bitcoins from friends or family overseas is, the transaction fees are extremely low, most of the fees cost lesser than a dollar.

Another amazing thing about receiving bitcoins is, you can make profit on any amount received, which means if a friend sends you some money for example $100, at the end of the day you might end up receiving $105 due to the fluctuations on bitcoin.

What can people do with Bitcoins in Nigeria?

You can literally do anything you wish with bitcoins, you can pay for goods and services, use it as a form of sending money to friends and family or decide to stick with trading it.  In the nearest future, more and more people will reduce the amount of cash they handle and resort to a full cashless society.

How easy is it to use

Our webapp / mobile app is designed with consideration for first timers, easy to navigate and provide you with a clear and simple overview of your portfolios at any time. Our app is available on Playstore and Apple store.

What is your user base like?

For now, we have about a million registered users and run about 12,000 transactions monthly. We have users from Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Benin republic.  We are working on expanding our reach to cover the whole of Africa in due time.

What is the next big plan for

Currently we are in talks with four Organizations in Nigeria who will give us the opportunity to become a payment gateway, which will enable them to receive bitcoins from their various customers. Also, we are currently working on a new service that will revolutionize the ease of utilizing bitcoins in our everyday lives, this service will be implemented before the year runs out. It is definitely worth looking out for.

There you have it, now you know where to buy bitcoins in Nigeria, cheap, affordable and trustworthy. Visit

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