Crypto trading bots offer ‘split-second mathematical precision’

A Belgium-based crypto company says its automated bots help traders “work smarter, not harder.”

According to 4C Trading, many crypto enthusiasts lack access to advanced trading strategies — and this can result in costly mistakes.

The company says its bots trade around the clock, reducing the chance that users will miss trading opportunities that may occur when they’re away from their laptops.

Its team has designed SMART Bots that “make calculated decisions based on split-second mathematical precision.”

Crucially, 4C Trading says its products are geared toward traders of all abilities, regardless of whether they’re new to cryptocurrencies or an expert in digital assets.

How the bots work

According to the company, its algorithm-backed bots act according to market fluctuations. This means that crypto is bought when there is a real surge in price and sold when there is a confirmed slump — helping to lock in profits.

4C Trading says that setting up the bot is easy, hassle-free, and can be done within minutes, as it connects to exchanges via an API. This procedure only needs to be completed once, and the company’s customer service team is on hand to offer assistance if users have any difficulties.

The platform claims that its bots have established a strong track record after being in operation for more than two-and-a-half years, and detailed information about past performance is offered through a dashboard. However, 4C Trading stresses that bots only spring into action when there is a confirmed shift of trend, adding: “It will open and close its trades a bit later than the initial surge or slump.”

A total of three bots are in operation: SMART BTC, SMART ETH and LINK. Each offers a different experience given how each asset has varying levels of liquidity and trading volume.

Right now, 4C Trading notes that the Smart bots are on the Binance spot market while the Smart Margin is on Binance Futures and FTX.

Although the company is tight-lipped about exactly how the smart bots work, the team says continual improvements are being made to its algorithms. It has also suggested that bots could be launched for other assets in the future providing that levels of liquidity are adequate.

Security is a focus for 4C Trading, and the company stresses that because it’s a software solution that only executes trades, it doesn’t hold funds or facilitate withdrawals.

Getting started with 4C’s smart bots

To help crypto enthusiasts figure out whether automated trading is right for them, 4C Trading offers a seven-day free trial — and discounts if users commit to a six- or 12-month subscription.


Three pricing tiers are offered for beginners, advanced traders and experts — with premium plans offering higher trading limits overall. According to the team, each pack comes with different Smart Bots, and Smart Margins are included in all packs. Bespoke packages are also offered for corporate and high-volume users.

4C Trading’s three founders say they have been driven by a determination to build the best trading bots in the market, and they claim their products have been tested against marketplace rivals.

One of the company’s main goals has been to help traders achieve a better work-life balance, meaning that they no longer need to be spending every waking minute poring over the latest Bitcoin and Ether prices. But given how volatility can strike at any time (March’s flash crash happened in the middle of the night for crypto traders in Europe), the benefits can extend beyond convenience.

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