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The price of Ripple started off well and neared our target at ±$0.35. Now, XRP’s price is struggling again. Can XRP have another strong rally?

XRP Price Forecast – Almost 100% in price gains and golden crossover!

XRP/USD Daily – Tradingview
XRP/USD Daily – Tradingview

The price of XRP reached $0.326, and with that, was only slightly below our ±$0.35 target. As it can always come to smaller deviations, we use “±” to make it clear that it is always best to consider deviations of 5-10%. In this case, the deviation was exactly 5%.

Currently, the XRP price finds itself in a correction phase, and as such on its way to the 0.328 Fib support level at ±0,263 $. Additionally, the MACD lines crossed bearishly and the histogram is ticking lower, also bearish.

XRP Price Forecast – The weekly chart makes the bear trend obvious!

 XRP/USD Weekly – Tradingview
XRP/USD Weekly – Tradingview

In the daily chart, the months long downwards trend of XRP becomes apparent. Ripple’s price formed a “lower high”, confirming the bear trend. Nevertheless, the enormous increase in the trading volume is to be viewed bullishly. But still, the MACD’s histogram is having a bearish development here as well. Should the 0.382 Fib support not hold at ±$0.2631, XRP’s price could return all the way back to the golden ratio support at ±$0.2.

Significant resistance for XRP is still between 0.32767 and 0.3677 $.

XRP Price Forecast – Is a massive bull run imminent for XRP?

  XRP/USD Monthly – Tradingview
XRP/USD Monthly – Tradingview

In the monthly chart the MACD lines lie right before a bullish crossover, and the histogram has been bullishly ticking higher for months. Therefore, the XRP price could witness a renewed upturn in the medium term. After all, the trading volume is also at a record high. Should the XRP price be able to break the golden ratio at ±$0.35, it could rise up to the 0.382 Fib level at ±$1.33.

XRP Kurs Prognose – wie siehts mit dem XRP/XBT Pair aus?

XRP/XBT Weekly – Tradingview
XRP/XBT Weekly – Tradingview

The XRP price is struggling against Bitcoin with the significant 50-Weekly-EMA resistance at 0.00002918 BTC. The MACD is developing backwards at the moment. Should the 50-Weekly-EMA be broken, a price target of 0.000037 BTC would be possible, because the last significant high of the XRP/XBT price lies there. After that, XRP would still face significant resistance at 0.000047 BTC, where the 200-Weekly-EMA would be waiting for it.

Otherwise, significant support is waiting or XRP between 0.00001277 and 0.00001875 BTC.

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