Will crypto trading get as regulated as the stocks or FX trading?

Today, we’ll be talking about something that might interest numerous of you –  future investors and traders. In spite of the fact that a few might argue that comparing cryptocurrency trading with forex trading might be like comparing oranges and tomatoes, but you’ll see for yourself that’s entirely the case.

Forex is a worldwide financial market for currency trade. The number of dealers around the world nowadays is colossal, and the forex turnover is more than 6.6 trillion dollars a day. The market comprises financial institutions, banks, businesses and retail investors, all of which trade national currencies either as a matter of doing business or as a means to create a benefit. This market developed from the gold standard in the 19th century and the subsequent establishment of the United States dollar as the world reserve currency within the 20th century.

Finally, internet trading within the ’90s has made Forex more accessible and more mechanized than ever, which is what has helped to grow to its current size.

Not a long time ago, cryptocurrency was included in the list of trading instruments on the trade. High cost and incredible volatility have turned it into a modern trend. Nowadays, numerous forex brokers offer cryptocurrency trading intermediary services. Let’s attempt to discover if cryptocurrency exchanging is truly as profitable as it is said.

What is cryptocurrency trading?

Unlike the forex market, the crypto market is still young— 11 years old. Cryptocurrencies, by definition, are digital assets, so the market deals solely with digital assets. The crypto showcase rapidly blossomed within the later decade due to the rise of different altcoins and the foundation of numerous unmistakable trades and marketplaces.

Compared to forex, the crypto market contains a daily volume of around $100 billion—it’s not much compared to forex, but $100 billion is still a lot of money. Most of this cash is traded through exchanges.
Cryptocurrencies are notorious for being unstable, which can make them appealing as investment opportunities. In terms of what affects a cryptocurrency’s cost, there are numerous variables such as supply and request, control, and media discernment, and some more.

Cryptocurrencies can be dangerous sometimes. In spite of that, very few crypto exchanges will put warnings into their traders. On the other side, there are more sophisticated markets like Forex for example. Based on research done on this topic, especially this particular Axiory broker review, some forex brokers are obligated by law to make sure that everyone is aware of risk intervention and warnings. Forex brokers tend to have government licences, which is something that many crypto exchanges lack.

Key takeaways:

  1. Major players in the forex market tend to be financial institutions like commercial banks, central banks, money managers and fence reserves.
  2. Global corporations use forex markets to hedge currency risk from foreign transactions.
  3. Retail traders are a very small amount of al forex users and they mostly use the market to speculate and day trade.
  4. Cryptocurrency does not yet have legal status in numerous countries. This means that a country’s decision to legitimize or ban it can cause both collapse and a sharp rise in the rate. Confirmation of this is the circumstance in China. The boycott on cryptocurrency and ICO trading was followed by a sharp decline in bitcoin.
  5. One major connection between these realms is the way that computers and web innovation play a part in the creation of their markets. Whereas Forex emerged well before the IT age, it is no mystery that it has exploded as a result.
  6. Today, the internet is the main place where trades are made. It’s the only way for cryptocurrency because it only exists within the digital realm. In fact, It can’t be exchanged without computer networks.
  7. Cryptocurrency is highly regulated. Digital money cannot be faked or stolen.
  8. If cryptocurrency is legalized, the price‘s limit will be the sky.
  9. Cryptocurrency is a limited resource; only a small percentage of people own it. The more limited the resource, the higher its price.
  10. Forex is using technical and fundamental analysis to build a long-term trading strategy, but sometimes unfair brokers spoil the market’s reputation.