Why study Business in 2021?

Prof Bill Russell, an Economist and Associate Dean for International in the School of Business, at the University of Dundee, Scotland UK, shares his view of business education and explains why starting your education in January 2021 might be the right thing to do.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries have been affected in some way during 2020 as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. When we move into 2021, and beyond, the way businesses operate internationally, will change, possibly in some ways forever.

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Although this will prove challenging for many, it will also offer up great opportunity for others.

Prof Russell goes onto explain:

“Businesses are going to need graduates with a new set of skills. Entrepreneurial thinkers will drive new ideas and new innovative ways of operating. Responsible managers will recognise the challenges we have faced and prepare better for the future, considering the needs of their staff. Financial experts will drive financial growth and investment, and economists will help predict future success. The role of accountants has been slowly changing over the years, and these changes will develop even faster now as technological based solutions offer more streamlined results.

“We have developed a range of Master’s degrees and Bachelor degrees which we hope will give graduates the tools to become successful, in particular in these areas. All of our Master’s degrees and the majority of our Bachelor degrees have a January start option.

“Starting your education at the beginning of the year is always an exciting prospect but I think 2021 will be a much more positive year and I think an even more exciting prospect to be starting a new chapter in your life.

“The vast majority of degrees commence in the UK in the autumn (September/October) but we recognised that this was not always the most convenient start date for international students. For the last few years we have seen more and more students starting in January and we anticipate 2021 to be our biggest intake of January students ever, which is incredibly exciting.”

Dundee’s Master’s degrees

The School of Business split their Master’s degrees into two main areas. Firstly the conversion Master’s degrees are a collection of business degrees which are open to both business and non-business graduates. These degrees are:

  • MSc International Business
  • MSc Management
  • MSc International Marketing
  • MSc Banking and Finance
  • MFin International Finance
  • Msc Islamic Finance

Here’s why students choose Dundee degrees:

  • • They bring together students from all sorts of first degree backgrounds which makes for an incredibly exciting and dynamic class and teaching environment
    • We offer global internships on these degrees. Students can potentially undertake an internship in China, Vietnam, Mexico or UK (Manchester)
    • Students do a final year project which is a great opportunity for them to express their own skills and what they have learned. There is an opportunity to do this project with an organisation, as an applied consultancy project
    • Each degree offers multiple pathways, which are essentially ways to specialise in an area of the student’s choosing. For example, a student could study MSc International Business or they could specialise in MSc International Business and Finance
    • Students are allowed to change their degree choice or pathway choice in the first two weeks of term. This takes a lot of pressure off and lets them enjoy the start of term more.

The second group is their extension, and one which is referred to as a professional degree. These are:

  • MSc Accounting & Finance
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Professional Accountancy

These degrees are more advanced Master’s degrees in the sense that graduates need to have studied these subjects in their first degree. They advance their knowledge onto the next level. Similar to the conversion degrees, the MSc Accounting & Finance and the MSc Finance degrees also offer students the chance to specialise in a particular pathway, for example MSc Finance and Risk.


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At the Bachelor level, they also offer the following degrees, available to start in January 2021

  • • BSc Business Management
    • BSc Economics
    • BSc Financial Economics
    • BSc International Business
    • BFin Finance
    • BiFin International Finance

Find out more about studying Business at the University of Dundee – register your details here.

Inclusive, supportive environment with opportunities for all

Prof Russell goes onto explain the best thing about the School; “I am exceptionally proud of our suite of degrees and I have great belief in the success they can bring. Beyond the degrees, we offer all kinds of services aimed at getting students prepared for work. We run industry lectures, workshops, career sessions, industry projects. The students that want to achieve success, take part in all of these opportunities.

“The University of Dundee consistently achieves awards for its student experience. This continues, with a very active and supportive student union and a range of student-led societies.


“One thing we do every year is to place a huge amount of importance on the arrival of our new students. In the first two weeks, we run a number of induction sessions. These are just amazing sessions where hundreds of students, from all over the world meet and greet each other for the first time. It is always a very emotional and uplifting time. Friendships continue from this day forward.

“Students from Nigeria are fabulous and they bring so much to the overall environment and dynamic in the School. They bring energy, enthusiasm and are great entrepreneurial thinkers. They also stop and speak, which I love. It’s great fun walking through campus and being stopped by a student for a chat.

“And this is exactly the type of environment that the University, and the wider city of Dundee offers. It is small enough to care, and offer an inclusive, friendly environment, but it’s large enough to keep you busy, and be recognised by international employers as a high-class School.

“I am amazed at the success of our graduates and the jobs that they go onto. The business world has changed during 2020, but starting a new educational adventure in January 2021 might just be your chance. Kick-start your future business career and drive a positive change for future business.”

Find out more about studying Business at the University of Dundee – register your details here.