Starcapital begins offering its customers crypto trading instruments | Invezz

  • Starcapital’s crypto offering comprises coins such as BTC, BTC, and LTC among others.
  • The firm’s diverse offering gives it a competitive edge over other big competitors.
  • The company will allow its clients to use crypto to expand their portfolios or build new ones.

Starcapital, an online trading brand that provides access to a broad range of trading instruments has added cryptocurrencies to its offerings. The organization unveiled this news through a press release on June 25, noting that this move will see its users enjoy the largest selection of cryptocurrencies. Before this bullish development, the firm offerings comprised currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities.

According to the press release, this addition comes as the demand for crypto products continues increasing. As such, it sets Starcapital in a strategic position seeing as it is one of the few trading brands that provides access to tens of various cryptocurrencies. In so doing, the firm covers all the popular tokens that traders might want to dip their toes into.

Explaining why it was important to begin offering cryptocurrencies, Starcapital said that aware traders across the globe are drawn to cryptocurrencies due to their volatility. The company’s crypto offering includes leading coins such as Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, NXT, OMG, ZCash, IOTA, Stellar, Neo, Tron, Cardano, and EOS among other altcoins. Per Starcapital, this broad selection of crypto instruments will help ensure its customers find opportunities in the challenging crypto market.

Debuting with a competitive edge

Per the publication, Starcapital already has an edge over its competitors. This is because the firm is currently offering support for a handful of crypto instruments. On the other hand, competitors provide limited access to a market that is rapidly growing. According to Starcapital, trading opportunities don’t only arise in BTC and other coins with large market caps. The firm believes that smaller altcoins are more volatile due to low liquidity. As such, they provide numerous trading prospects as well.

Starcapital’s diverse offering of crypto instruments will also simplify the process of integrating crypto into their already established portfolios. The firm will offer its clients a unique opening to build new portfolios comprising cryptocurrencies from scratch. The firm noted that the low correlation of cryptocurrencies and other assets will let them invest as desired.

For traders to take advantage of all benefits in crypto trading, they require a broad set of trading tools. Striving to give its customers the best services, Starcapital offers a variety of trading tools. On top of this, the company leverages industry-leading technology in its proprietary web-based platform. This platform has TradingView Charts and an intuitive user interface. Through these features, it allows beginners and advanced traders to find opportunities and open trades easily and quickly.

A reliable support team

To help ensure that customers have a seamless trading experience, Starcapital’s support team will offer guidance through the live chat feature integrated into the platform. The customer service team is available five days a week and will provide insight into technical or trading inquiries.

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