Lead Wallet: An exclusive DeFi access and multi-cryptocurrency management application

In recent times, there has been an upsurge in the popularity of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency usage. Some key factors behind this increase in addition to the potential profits that could be made from owning these cryptocurrencies is the decentralization and control which this technology offers.

DeFi has become a big thing in the crypto space over the past months, as a total sum of $9.03 billion has been locked in several DeFi protocols according to defipulse.com. DeFi which stands for Decentralized Finance provides a means for users to earn from providing liquidity, lending, and many other economic transactions, to the protocol and to other users in a decentralized manner, and these rewards are rightly shared in the proportion of stakes deposited by the user as defined in the protocol’s smart contract. This is popularly referred to as “FARMING”.

To a beginner, the key question would be: “I don’t have a cryptocurrency nor a wallet to store one, where do I even start from?”, and an advanced user’s wish would be to have all the different DeFi protocols and assets managed from one platform to reduce the pain of moving from one shop to another, hence spending time and transaction fees. Well, this is where Lead Wallet’s solution comes in.

Lead wallet is the world’s simplest multi-cryptocurrency wallet with a user interface beautifully designed for easy understanding, storage of multiple crypto assets, spending, swapping and exchanging of these assets with just few clicks and direct access to all kinds of DeFi protocols.

Yes, users can now have access to all their favourite DeFi protocols from the comfort of their wallet, and the best part of it is that all the relevant digital assets will be accepted.


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The Lead wallet Beta App is set to launch in October 2020, and upon delivery, users will be able to store, send, spend, swap, stake, and exchange their BTC, ETH, DOGE, ERC20 tokens such as YFI, SUSHI at the speed of light via direct access to Uniswap and other major DeFi apps (will be announced soon). Shortly after the public beta launch, other digital assets and DeFi apps will be integrated along with 100+ additional crypto assets.

In other to achieve the above goals, the Lead wallet team has recently secured two big partnerships in late August. The first one is with ChangeNOW Exchange, which will serve as the liquidity gateway for users to swap between digital assets in the Lead Wallet application, and the second partnership is with Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID) that will be responsible for conducting the Lead Token pre-sale schedule to hold on the 3rd of September 2020. The partnership with LID means that upon the successful completion of the token sale, 75% of the funds raised will auto-locked on Uniswap for trading liquidity.

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Hence, the Lead Wallet team invites the general public to join in the Lead token presale so as to have you as an early holder of LEAD token as there will be added rewards for all who participate in the sales. Read the full details of our presale offer here.

For further inquiries about Lead wallet and partnership, send us an email: [email protected]

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