Has Gordon Ramsay Invested in Bitcoin & Bitcoin Trading?

Gordon James Ramsay, prominent foodie, British chef, multi-published author and television host and personality has become one of the most famous names in food and television. With incredible skills in cooking, abilities to establish and run restaurants, and a fiery temper, Ramsay is not one to get on the bad side in the kitchen. He is renowned for his skills as a chef and has been awarded 16 Michelin stars in his career, and currently holds seven.

With his name so famous the food and media industry, Ramsay has managed to build up to take home an exceptional salary after episodes filmed and through his numerous restaurants across the world. He has a net worth of $220 USD million, an annual salary of $60 million USD and earns $223,000 USD per episode. He also makes money off brands and products he endorses.

This means Ramsay’s assets are primed for investment, to generate even more passive income on his well-established funds. Rumours have sparked that Ramsay has invested in Bitcoin, trading through automated platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution. In order to confirm or disprove this, we conducted a thorough investigation into his public discourse to see whether the chef has made any public remark on any investment in Bitcoin.

Has Gordon Ramsay Invested In Any Bitcoin?

After launching a thorough investigation into Ramsay’s public statements and communication, we have found no evidence that suggests that he has invested in Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency market. He has not associated himself with buying Bitcoin, trading with Bitcoin, or being involved at all in any cryptocurrency projects. While there is the chance that he has invested in Bitcoin and kept it private, there is nothing to suggest this from any public-facing communication.

Has Gordon Ramsay Invested In Bitcoin To Trade Through Bitcoin Revolution?

There have been many reports that have splashed across the internet that suggest that Ramsay has invested in Bitcoin and traders through Bitcoin Revolution. As an automated trading platform, Bitcoin Revolution accepts the funds of traders and makes data-driven traders on their behalf. Our research into Ramsay’s media presence disproves these reports, however, as there is nothing to provide evidence that the chef has used and is using Bitcoin Revolution as a trading platform. Any article that might suggest this is likely false news from a malicious reporter looking to make funds off the celebrity’s name.

Why Are There Reports About Ramsay Investing In Bitcoin?

One of the tactics that affiliate marketers will use to upsell a product is to use the authority that a celebrity’s name and endorsement has. In the darker side of the industry, some marketers will make up news to sell their product to get users to their product. Using a name like Gordon Ramsay will get the attention of loyal fans who might follow a trend believing that the chef endorses it. Unfortunately, this marketing trick is not uncommon, and it leads to rumours that seem to become apparent news despite their fake origins.

Protect Yourself Against Bitcoin Scams

Given the fake news, multi-pronged scams, and dark marketing tricks, it’s important to keep your wits – and your money – about you when looking to invest. The key things to remember in Bitcoin trading and investment is to:

  • Do your own research into everything you might spend money on.
  • Investigate thoroughly into something that looks suspicious.
  • Maintain an air of caution.
  • If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Rather risk losing a good trade than losing money on a bad scam.
  • Don’t invest what you can’t afford.

Is Bitcoin Revolution A Scam?

It’s difficult to take away the fact that Bitcoin is a volatile asset, and some platforms will take the rap for that, being called a scam as a result of bad timing in trading. Bitcoin Revolution has been referred to as a scam, meanwhile, there is simply a great deal of volatility in the industry when trading with a complex asset like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

According to reports, there is a 92% chance of success in trading on the Bitcoin Revolution platform. This evidence should stand to debunk the allegations against Bitcoin Revolution, which might have come from dissatisfied users who fell on badly timed trades.