Cryptocurrency Trading Tools you Need

Cryptocurrency Trading Tools you Need

 More and more people Start to understand that trading cryptocurrencies might be a great alternative for just having their money stashed on the bank account. With no interest in receiving nothing in return, except providing the bank with additional tools for trading themselves.

Now, Trading cryptocurrency is not exactly the same as investing in Cryptocurrency. They are clear differences between the 2 you have to be aware of those in order to be successful in either one of them.

When you look to invest in Cryptocurrency, or an IO, it’s like making any other investment. You have to understand who is running the show in the history of these particular people. What kind of partnerships these crypto currencies have or plan to have in the near future. And most important who are the developers that are developing this particular software.

Like any investment strategy this is something that you basically do for the long term.

On the other hand, for those that don’t have patience for their investment strategy to pay off in let’s say 5 years, there is a short term alternative.

Here you actually have to be looking for volatile and High Liquid Crypto currencies, where the market keeps on moving on a daily basis.

From what we have seen since November 2017, is can be extremely lucrative and also very risky. Cryptocurrency at this stage, which is still in its infancy when it comes to trading. Gives in higher potential but also much higher risk than trading in stocks and some currency.

This is where good trading tools coming in. The more you are able to predict the market, the better you are able to actually see all the changes predict where they price is going to bed are you able to trade. since cryptocurrencies behave little bit different than the standard Stocks or  forex Trade-able assets,

It also requires different tools.

 There’s no shortage in trading tools offered. This does not mean that many of them are good or give you the results you require. It largely depends on the trading strategy you intend to apply.

First, after the side of course, which cryptocurrency you want to trade. Now, with the news today. It’s easy to find those that present themselves with the best training opportunities. The next step is to create very good trading strategy through technical analysis of this news that you been reading about this particular cryptocurrency.

For this process you need to take your time. Using the tools that will be presented to you. Is fundamental in order to give you the best chance of success?



Is one of my favorites and I’m using it everyday.

This is a technical analysis training portal. That I’ve been using for trading forex for the last couple of years. Now, since the Crypto currencies have taken its entry into this industry, Then also provide enough technical analysis information about These Tradeable assets. It will give you all the information about chart patterns and candle sticks and much, much more.

In addition, we have a social aspect to it. There are numerous traders It had been treated for years and can be considered professionals That show what they are trading. Why they are trading and how they are trading crypto currencies?

This tool is number one on the list for reason. You from ation you will be able to find provided by these traders. Is crucial and beyond anything you will be able to find anywhere else.

On top of that they are free you able to access them anywhere in the world and you be able to use the tools that charged and anything else that you find on the website for no cost whatsoever.

There widgets are used by webmasters all over the Internet because of their value and accurate information.

These are these Best Brokers to trade Cryptocurrencies


Resources another must use for those that are serious about trading. If you have been trading already for sometime. It’s most likely one of those sources you already have been using. If we don’t get our new trading crypto currencies. Believe me, you will use this more than you would think.

For some part II consider this the website to be directed padya of Cryptocurrency. They have all the information all the social channels and everything you need to know about every cryptocurrency that has any place on the market.

You will find that this portal is resource for many, many of the other sites that display information concerning this industry.

Cryptocurrency News and Review Sites

This is not as much a tool as it is a resource you will find that many, many questions. You might find answers on numerous websites that are out there. These websites are often managed by traders them self. And you will find here the answers as to what broker would suit you best call in this depends of course on the trading platform. You looking for the broker your location in the budget you have in order to trade.

Some of the Better sites are:


Coin360 is a platform run by the guys from CoinTelegraph, that takes the most recent cryptocurrency values and shows them in a very cool way. This  visualization explains itself more or less and will give you great indication if you re in the right direction with your trades.

The rate changes are displayed by use of color that will show you a overview of the movement for this cryptocurrency. Green means the price goes up and red of course means the price went down.

It is an instant review of the crypto you are or are planning to trade and a tool ne should use.


The very informative and good site to analyze the  crypto currency you plan to trade

This research platform provides you with a lot of information that you will be able to use in your strategy

  • Charts & Detailed Analysis
  • Market Data
  • Predictions
  • Github Analysis
  • Coin Specs
  • Cryptocurrency News
  • Investment stats
  • and a lot more

this platform you need to play with in order to find yourself with the information you need , but the more you are using it the faster it will give you want to are looking for, the information is there you just need to get it out.

More tools out there and we could make a list a mile long. But that would not really help you here. These are the tools that give you the most without visiting too many websites. All of them. Are of the highest quality and used by even international in high financial companies.

Let us Know

If there are smore tools more tools that you would like to have us focus on drop as a note and we will check them out, most likely we know them. We just decided that this is enough with the moment. There’s no need, If you are new trader to get swamped by different services and tools which in the end of the day will make your trading even harder.

No, the moment you actually went through the information you have your strategy decided on which cryptocurrency you wanted to trade in you actually are ready to go for it. You still need a broker or a trading platform where you able to do this. Part of the decision, which broker is right for you depends also on the location where you are in the world in the US. You have different kinds of brokers. Then you would have otherwise in this trailer, or Asia and Europe. A lot of them are regulated so much used to go for non regulated.

Either way, the forex brokers that are offering trading in crypto or cryptocurrency brokers that are their main business is a trading platform that basically only offers trading in cryptocurrencies trading.

You are also able to trade with a lot of the exchanges but coming from the Forex world and being trading in Forex for years. I feel more comfortable working with Forex brokers that I know have worked in this financial industry for years and those are able to provide me with the additional services.

And since I like to trade besides Crypto Currencies also Stocks some Indices and regular currencies. I really a stick to the forex brokers, but this is a personal decision.

These are these Best Brokers to trade Cryptocurrencies

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