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Bitcoin trading, a cryptocurrency that began to emerge in 2009 from an unidentified person named Satoshi Nakamoto. To become the world revolution in the economic field, as it is a cryptocurrency subject to the blockchain protocol

It can be traded and compared to other currencies such as the dollar or the euro to other currencies of the countries of the world

However, the essential differences between them and fiat currencies appear here as electronic currencies that are fully traded online and only.

It is a decentralized currency that is not subject to the supervision of any financial system – there is no need for any broker to conduct transfers. To start trading in bitcoins with Golden Profit App

Start recognizing bitcoin

Some countries and major companies worldwide are beginning to understand them, start trading and deal with them as the famous travel site, Expedia, Microsoft X-BOX Games and some real estate companies worldwide

Russia, Germany, America and the United Arab Emirates are among the countries that have announced that they are earnestly dealing with Bitcoin and the start of issuance of projects to legalize it in the state, and the rest of the economic powers on the world level, respectively, come in adopting and recognizing bitcoin. Open account to make money from bitcoin.

Bitcoin explanation

After we got to know the bitcoin currency and its real impact on the ground in the financial world and global markets. We come to the concept of explaining bitcoin how is trading on bitcoin, or in a correct sense how can I get bitcoin, according to what is circulated by the Bitcoin coin owner, Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin coin is present in a limited number on the world level.

Which maintains its prestige in the trading world until now, the famous rule is still being activated, the less supply, the more demand

Bitcoin is subject to a very high-level cipher protocol known as the blockchain

As the privacy here is at a very high level of accuracy, no intermediary in any exchange or purchase

How to store bitcoin?

Bitcoins are stored in a digital wallet, located either in the electronic cloud or on the user’s computer

This was our article on explaining bitcoin trading and how to store cryptocurrencies, follow us for more about the world of bitcoin and how to mine cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin traded in three steps 2020

There is no doubt I have heard a lot about Bitcoin trading so far. Investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has become popular among traders around the world. And when it comes to bitcoin, there is no doubt that it is the most widely traded among all other digital currencies.

Besides being a tool for payment and transferring money, Bitcoin has become trading on it and other digital currencies on platforms such as stocks, foreign currencies, and commodities. In this article, we will look at the steps of bitcoin for all investors, whether beginners or professionals.

How to trade Bitcoin in two steps

To start trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there are three steps:

The first step: choosing a trading platform

To start Bitcoin trading, you will need a reliable and reputable (broker) platform. There are many platforms through which you can buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and pay them in dollars or Euros.

The robust and more stable platform enables you to invest not only in Bitcoin but also in other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Light Queen, Ripple, Dash Queen, Bitcoin Cash and others (the best cryptocurrencies to invest).

Step two: Open a trading account

After selecting a reliable bitcoin broker, you will have to register and select the type of account you wish to trade with that suits your specific requirements. When opening a real trading account, you must go through three simple and easy steps:

1- Fill out the account opening form.

2- Send a copy of the proof of identity and address to activate the account.

3- Funding the account by depositing by Visa card or by bank transfer.

Step Three: Open your first trade positions

Then you download the trading platform to the device used for trading, whether it is a computer or a phone. After that, you can start trading Bitcoin and the rest of the digital currencies supported by your broker.